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Web design is the art of planning and organizing web content to be shared and made available online around the world. Web design, a combination of aesthetic and functional elements, determines the appearance of the site - such as its colors, fonts, and graphics - and shapes the site's structure and user experience.

Today, website creation is one of the pillars of an online presence. This makes the world of web design as dynamic as ever. It is constantly evolving, including mobile applications and user interface design, to meet the growing needs of website owners and visitors. Web design has been around for a long time since the first website was released in 1991. With more than a billion live websites on the Internet today, it's no surprise that the industry will stay here. Wix is ​​home to thousands of professionals, enthusiasts, and web designers, enabling the industry to reach new heights. So if you're here to learn more about the world of web design, you've come to the right place.

As an introduction to learning how to design a website, this article will improve the role of web design and discuss helpful tips by explaining critical concepts and ideas and looking at examples to give you a better overview.

Web design is always a collaborative process that combines knowledge and tools from relevant industries, from graphic design to SEO and UX optimization. Web designers often bring together professionals in these areas who can optimize performance and focus on greater processes and outcomes. Web design refers to a particular website's visual design and experimental aspects. We will examine web design in more detail in the rest of this article.

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