Avail of the Drupal Support and Maintenance Services from Digital div UK today:-

It is expected that your website will run without incident, but not always apparent. From our UK office, we can provide complete hosting plans, domain, and technical support so you can be sure your website is working at its best. We can recommend the best route for your business with different packages to suit your budget and website traffic. From simply purchasing a domain name and hosting your site for a year to full monthly technical support and security updates.

We at Digital div UK provide competitive host packages with infinite email addresses, and we can give the domain name so that you can trust us. We offer full-service services to your company, instead of the situation you can host elsewhere in one place and domain. We provide many secure host packages for websites with sensitive information and bandwidth and higher levels of control. You can get monthly access to real people who are handy in manually managing your website and updating the platform program. No support cards are here. 

We first choose our website to ensure that we save before changes. Then we will update Core CMS and all extensions, extensions, components, or topics to be updated. After completing the update, our team examines your website test. Then we store the Website on three security sites.

Why is it always said to take professional website from a brand?

A professional website can bring many benefits to your business, but are you better prepared for a cyber attack or programming error? Most companies that are not covered by a website maintenance package will have to spend thousands of dollars to get a new website up and running simply because the maintenance package does not cover them. This is usually caused by hackers hacking your website and entering code on your server. This often means building your website from scratch, as rebuilding your website is cheaper than developing a website that manually inserts more than 400,000 lines of code.

Another common reason for rebuilding websites is that the code breaks when inexperienced people try to update the website. And while keeping your website up to date is very important for security reasons, if you don't take proper precautions for your website beforehand, the consequences can be devastating for your business. If the protection of your website is essential to you, we have developed a website maintenance package that covers most potential website problems. Our team of web development experts has combined more than 20 years of experience managing Drupal websites to bring you the most secure website maintenance solution.

While we cannot 100% guarantee that websites will not be hacked, we can do everything we can to give you the most outstanding possible security so that your website is secure. We back up your website in three locations every month for maximum protection and performance. The first backup is stored in a secure cloud server so that we can quickly access previous versions of your website code in the event of a problem. The second backup is saved on an external hard drive and is a stand-alone backup for your website. If your website has been hacked, our backup will restart your website. The third backup is securely stored off-site to reassure your company that you've backed up multiple backups to keep your website safe. Put, even if your web server is hacked, our second external drive fails, and our offices are entirely burned out, we still have the latest backup of your website. What are you waiting for?

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Drupal Support and Maintenance Services FAQs:-

Do you support Drupal for multiple websites? 

We do not support multi-site Drupal websites as part of these Drupal maintenance programs. However, you can register for our Drupal maintainers through our agency.

What if a site update crashes?

If updating your Drupal site causes problems, we will back up the update and modify it on our test servers and then change it to your live website. In some cases, the developer may not support the Drupal modules/plugin or Drupal template, so we may not offer a solution. In such cases, we suggest alternative solutions.

Can I change my subscription after registering?

Yes, after a month. You will have to pay a fee to confirm your new subscription when you upgrade. The difference will be adjusted in the next billing cycle if you reduce your subscription.

What are your support times?

We work from Monday to Friday. Any support ticket sent outside of these hours will be answered the next business day. Outside of office hours, respond as quickly as possible in emergencies such as a broken website or a hacked website.

Are there any restrictions on the types of websites that can register?

Several websites aside, we are carefully evaluating the significant websites with 25 plugins installed and creating a custom maintenance program for them.

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